First, let’s get this straight – I AM the Mama. Beinga mother of two toddlers, it’s the first way I identify myself. I’m the Mama. I’m his Mama. I’m her Mama. And it is beautiful! But I’m not JUST the Mama!

Before being the Mama, I have been a daughter, sister, friend, wife, San Franciscan, Giants-Niners-Warriors fan, writer, Mexcian chocolate ice cream eater, Nutella indulger, traveler, music lover, educator, activist, and loud laugher. Everything I have always been makes me the Mama I am. And now I’ve added crafter, jewelry maker, and do it yourself diva to the list.
My family
I started by making custom “mother’s nest” pendants as birthday gifts for my children’s godmothers, mom, mother-in-law and for friends that had become new mommies. They all loved their handmade, personalized presents and I loved giving these gifts. In the past year my circle of friends and family has gone through a baby boom, and instead of going straight to their registries, I thought it would be special to create nursery decor that would capture the family’s personality. And I couldn’t stop there. I began treating my son’s preschool teachers to homemade sugar scrubs with natural ingredients such as coffee grinds, lavender, apricot, and honey. And then something funny happened . . . I wanted to pamper myself with my own gifts too!

So I give you:

Not Just The Mama ~ custom gifts to share . . . or keep!

Every item I make can be made custom with the colors, details and themes of your choice. And it’s your decision whether to give it as a gift to your mom, best friend, or kid’s teacher . . . or keep it for yourself! I won’t tell either way!

I hope that Not Just The Mama products offer a reminder that there’s so much more to a person than just one title. Your best friend rockingher newborn is also a dancer. Your Mother-In-Law putting on a puppet show for her grandchildren is also a volunteer at the hospital. Your daughter’s 3rd grade teacher is also a huge basketball fan. And you are not just someone’s wife, mama, or daughter – you are a woman deserving to be pampered!

Hugs and Love,

Celina Sutton


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