Order & Policies

Each item I create for Not Just The Mama is handmade and can be customized.  Custom items are created with great attention to the details of the buyer’s specific requests.  To be sure all your questions are answered, and that you are absolutely satisfied with your pieces, I prefer to personally communicate with each client.  I offer a few different methods for placing your order.  And I always follow-up with a confirmation email or phone call to ensure that your product will be exactly what you wanted.


  1. At the bottom of each product’s page, you will find a Order Request Form.  Follow the directions and fill each out as completely as possible to place an order.  You can fill out an individual form for each product.
  2. Or you may choose to use the form at the bottom of this page, and detail your entire order request in one place.
  3. If you feel more comfortable with a direct email, you can send a request to notjustthemama@gmail.com


  1. Upon receiving an order request (using any of the above methods), I will personally contact you via email or phone to confirm all the details of your order.
  2. You will receive an email which will include the details of your custom order, quote and expected completion date.
  3. When you agree to the details of the order, production will begin!


  1. Not Just The Mama can accept cash or check in-person.  Only checks will be accepted by mail.
  2. I will also accept Paypal payments.
  3. Local (Bay Area, CA) in-person deliveries or pick-ups can be arranged when possible.
  4. Delivery/postage charges will be added for orders outside of the Bay Area and when in-person pick-ups cannot be arranged.

If any of this is still too confusing or sounds silly to you, just give me a holler at notjustthemama@gmail.com and I’ll try to make more sense!*

*making sense is not guaranteed as I am a mama of two toddlers and think in jibberish!*



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