Sugar Scrubs

I love that a soothing scrub can stimulate so many different senses at one time.

The sense of touch becomes so soft and smooth once you let these exfoliants work their magic

The sense of smell takes you to a place of calm as your skin soaks in lavender, mint, or eucalyptus scents

And the sight of the pretty jar, all fancied up, lets you instantly pretend your kitchen sink has transformed into your very own personal spa

I want my scrubs to remind you, like all my products, that you are not just The Mama – not just The Account Manager – not just The Teacher – not just The Wife. You are so much more – and you are a person deserving of pampering!

Not Just The Mama scrubs are made with all natural ingredients. Since no preservatives are added, they are made to order to ensure a greater lifespan for your use. If you have a favorite scent, please let me know and I can custom create a scrub just for you!

Hot Mama Scrub – sugars, honey, lavender oil, lavender flower, natural oils  *Our Signature Scrub!*

Wake Up! Scrub – coffee, brown sugar, peppermint oil, coconut oil

Vitamin C Scrub – brown  sugar, citrus oils, honey, avocado oil, olive oil

Me Time Scrub – white sugar, peppermint tea leaves, eucalyptus, coconut oil

Tea Party Scrub – white sugar, combination of green, herbal and black teas, coconut oil

High Tea Scrub – white sugar, english breakfast tea, lemon oil, honey, coconut oil

Fall Into Dessert – white sugar, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spices, nutmeg, honey and coconut oils  *Seasonal*

eight ounces  $10.00    twelve ounces $12.00

Naima Rose Scrub – layered coconut oil, white sugar, rose petals, mint leaves, brown sugar, olive oil

Go Green! Scrub – green tea matcha powder, white sugar, jasmine green tea leaves, eucalyptus oil, coconut oil

eight ounces  $12.00    twelve ounces $15.00


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